FOH Engineer

Coming from a musical family, I've always had a keen interest in music. Being around piano players, singers and guitarists was a norm for me growing up and as I hit my teenage years I started playing in bands myself as a bass player. Whilst I loved making music and being on the stage, I always had a strong interest in the tech side of live music. Fast forward into my early 20's and I found myself regularly assisting the FOH engineer at my local venue. From there I quickly progressed to the role of Production Manager and Head House Sound Engineer at The Roadmender in Northampton; a position I held for two years. My experiences onstage and behind the desk has given me an excellent understanding of how to put together a great live mix in any situation with any combination of gear.

Over the last 11 years working in the music industry, I have successfully filled a variety of roles including Tour Manager, Production Manager, Front of House Engineer, Monitor Engineer, Backline Technician and PA Technician to a very high standard. During this time I have completed many tours and one off shows in Europe, Asia, Australasia, Russia and the Americas with venue and festival capacities ranging from 100 to 180,000. During this time I also spent 18 months teaching Live Sound for Northampton College, a position that I thoroughly enjoyed.

Sound engineering really is my passion and over the years I've developed an extensive knowledge of PA gear, sound desks, outboard FX & dynamics and room acoustics. Along with this I can provide a full mic, di & Waves plugin package to suit any artist needs

My aim when running any show is to help the artist to reach their creative vision with the minimum amount of fuss and provide a fantastic sounding production for the audience